Surfing is more than a sport in Hawaii


Surfing is more than a sport in Hawaii. Surfing is a religion. This religion has fostered a lifestyle that makes these islands the best place in the world to live. Being located in Haleiwa, the surf capital of Hawaii, Banzai Sushi Bar is committed to supporting the surf community in a variety of endeavors.

Banzai Sushi Bar is proud to have given our support to two North Shore junior surf contests in 2013. First was the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior held at Sunset Beach back in January and just recently in March the North Shore Surf Shop Pipe Pro Jr. Not only are both of these contests giving Hawaii’s junior surfers much needed ASP points that will help them to qualify for bigger events in years to come, the contests are giving these young surfers valuable contest experience. Hawaii is home to some of the most talented junior surfers in the world, and it is imperative that the North Shore continues to host more contests to help these local surfers. Banzai Sushi Bar is committed to helping more Hawaiian surfers make it onto the coveted ASP World Championship Tour by supporting these important events!

Not only does Banzai Sushi Bar support the youth, we also give love to the local pros as well. Proof of that commitment is our sponsorship of the Hawaii Masters Surf Team, comprised of surfers all 35 years or older. Hawaii’s team of 8 won the team gold medal in last years International Surfing Association’s Master Championship in Nicaragua, and they look poised to repeat the feat in Ecuador this April. This year’s team, which features Sunny Garcia, Pancho Sullivan, Ross Williams, Michael Ho, Rochelle Ballard and more, will fly the Aloha flag as they compete against teams from Australia, Brazil and 28 other countries.

If you want to catch the last of the winter surf season, be sure to come to Banzai Sushi Bar soon. Even if the waves aren’t up, you can always catch a session at the restaurant as we play surf movies nearly every day! At Banzai Sushi Bar, we keep it real and we keep it raw.